Thorncliffe Park is a truly remarkable neighbourhood of Toronto.  With a high density population from a wide diversity of backgrounds, we are increasingly seeing people settle into the neighbourhood today in ways unforeseen by when Thorncliffe Park was originally planned in the 1950s.   Pedestrians rule a neighbourhood designed for automobiles, community gardens are springing to life, and thriving informal economies serve many of the neighbourhoods needs.

Through several workshops since September 2015, the students of the University of Toronto’s Urban Planning Program have been inspired by these informal strategies, in particular the work of the Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee in bringing together the resources of community members in ways that help the neighbourhood to thrive and have made RV Burgess Park the heart and soul of the neighbourhood.

Our design approach builds upon these strengths and assets and aspires to spread such of dynamism throughout Thorncliffe Park via  a series of community engagement projects and strategic partnerships.

This blog is a space to share what has been inspiring us in Thorncliffe Park, and abroad. We hope it will be a call to action for us all!